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PRO Services


ABS offers monthly or yearly services to help companies connect with government and non-government institutions in the UAE, including:

  • Renewal of Trade License/New Registration

  • Tenancy contract/assistance for Business Site

  • Processing documents in Labor / Immigration / Economic and other government departments if any

  • Approvals from Ministry, Government Departments

  • Changing Trade Name/Adding or canceling activity/appointing Manager

  • L.L.C License - increasing Capital / withdrawal of Partners / Adding Partners / Increasing Capital / M.O.U Amendment

  • Attestation of Import / Export documents

  • Chamber of Commerce / Foreign affairs attestation / Ministry of Justice/notary etc.

  • Translation

  • Changing Trade Name/Adding or canceling activity/appointing Manager

  • L.L.C License – increasing Capital/withdrawal of Partners/Adding Partners/Increasing Capital/M.O.U Amendment.

  • Chamber of Commerce/Foreign affairs attestation/Ministry of Justice/ notary etc.

  • Assistance for all government and semi-government work.

  • Application of Visit Visa from Embassies for selected Nationalities

  • Employment Visa in Labour, Immigration, Medical, Labour Card and Resident Visa

  • Visit Visa from Immigration.

  • Visa Transfer, Medical and Blood Test

  • Resident Visa for families of employees

  • Passport Renewal

  • Renewal of Labour Card, Resident Visa, Medical Card and Administration

  • Renewal of Visit Visa

  • Renewal of Computer Card

  • Legal translations

  • UAE ID Registration

  • License Amendment

  • Change Trade Name

  • Change or add Business Activity

  • Change Business Location

  • Change Local Agent Details

  • Sale of Business

  • Change or add Management Details

  • Add or Remove Partner Details

  • Capital Amendment

  • Liquidation for Merger

  •  Approvals from Ministry, Government departments.

Additionally we provide Labour and Immigration Services which include the following:

  • New Employment Visa

  • Cancellation of Employment Visa

  • Processing of Employment Visa

  • Processing of Visit Visa, holidays packages & travel arrangements.

  • Processing of Transit Visa

  • Processing of Maid Visa

  • Processing of Residence Visa

  • Processing of Investor visa

  • Air ticketing services.

  • All kinds of RTA assistance.






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